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Netapp Basic Setup Wizard

First things first, before getting started you need to create yourself a login at the Netapp NOW website It usally takes 24-48 hours for your login to become active. The NOW website is where you get access to all the documentation, knowledge base, articles, software, licenses, etc
Once you’ve racked and cabled your Netapp SAN, according to the documentation on your SAN model you’re ready to start configuring.
Connect the supplied console cable to your pc and start your favourite terminal emulation program. I mainly use Putty which can be downloaded from here
As you power on the SAN it will go through all the POST tests and finally arrive at the setup wizard prompt
1. Enter the new hostname (Tip: When Netapp support refer to your controllers, they refer to them as top or bottom. To make it simple try and name and controller at the top something ending in top and for the bottom, something ending in bot. You don’t need to do this but it is less confusing later on down the track)
2a. Do you want to configure interface groups ? (On the back of our FAS2040 we have 4 gigethernet ports named e0a, e0b, e0c, e0d. You have the option of bundling 2 or more of these to create an etherchannel to your switch. This becomes beneficial if you are considering running iscsi, nfs or cifs as the traffic can be load balanced across the bundled ports. Within an interface group you can also create vlans to segment traffic, however I’ll touch on this a little later on. You don’t need to create an interface group, you can answer no here and configure a single port)